Cookbook Review: Practical Paleo

I love the guidebook/ cookbook “Practical Paleo” by Diane Sanfilippo.

It is much more than just a cookbook. The book does a great job communicating how food is digested and how the quality of this digestion impacts our health.  For those of us who like to learn with a good set of companion pictures and diagrams, they are there.  It was also the first book that I read in which I could easily visualize how my body may be reacting to the food I eat.  There is a section that describes:

  • the function of each organ
  • what can do wrong
  • how to fix it

There is also a section called the “Poop Pageant“.  She describes how our bowels provide a barometer for our digestive health.  This is what clued me into having a food intolerance.

The first half of the book contains 30 day meal plans to treat health problems such as autoimmune conditions, blood-sugar recovery, cancer recovery…and the list goes on.

The second half of the book provides a number of tasty recipes such as “Spaghetti Squash Bolognese”, “Lemon & Artichoke Chicken”,and “Grain-free Porridge”.

For those of you who are interested in a great starter book on how food and digestion impact health, I highly recommend this one!

Also, check out Diane’s blog: Balanced Bites.

The Rim Fire and Encountering the Past

In mid-August of 2013, after returning from a conference in Utah, a fire started about five miles from our house.  It was called the Rim Fire.  We had nearby wildfires in the past but for some reason I was very concerned about this one.  The fire grew rapidly before it received the needed attention.  Early on, we could see a read glow in the canyon.  By the time this was identified as a category 1 fire (the worst kind), it had gotten so far out of control that it soon after became one of the worst fires in CA and U.S. history.

At it closest point, it was a mile away from our house.  We were put on eminent evacuation (type 2) status after it jumped fire lines.  We had DC-10s, C-130s and helicopters flying with a few hundred feet of our house in succession- trying to keep it from coming into Pine Mountain Lake.  I remember telling my friend, who is in Search and Rescue, what was happening.  He was out of the loop since he had been on business travel the previous days.  I explained where it was and how fast it was growing.  He told me that I must be wrong because this would make it one of the biggest wildfires ever- and it was!